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Level 1 Autism Therapy for Adults

Adaptive Therapy for Autistic Adults (ATAA®) is designed for therapists who wish to work with adults with Level 1 Autism (previously known as Asperger's Syndrome). Existing therapeutic modalities often demand that autistic people "fit to the approach" or are cobbled together in an attempt to help autistic people push themselves in ways that cause anxiety and stress. I'm Claire, an autistic woman, therapist, researcher, author & autism expert for Psychology Today. ATAA® is designed from my personal autistic perspective and covers all you need to know to work effectively with this client group. At its core, it fosters a sense of acceptance which promotes health emotional regulation and reduces stress and anxiety.

New Live Training Dates

9.00am - 5.00pm UK Time

£149 GBP

1 Day Training Course

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Interactive live zoom training

Tuesday 7th May 2024

Join us for an interactive one-day live zoom training

Become an accredited ATAA Practitioner

Join our community of practitioners and attract new clients

List on our database of practitioners so that adult autistic clients can search for you

Online self-paced option

Can't make a workshop?

If you can't make one of our live workshops, study online at your own pace & receive certification and listing as an ATAA® Practitioner at the end of your course.

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More About Adaptive Therapy for Autistic Adults

I'm Claire & I've developed ATAA® to meet the needs of clients with Level 1Autism, a group who find it particularly hard to access the right type of therapy. To become an accredited ATAA® Practitioner you must have existing clinical or therapeutic experience and qualifications in one of the following areas: Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Counselling or Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy, Speech Therapy. At the time of enrolment, you will be asked to confirm your professional background if you plan to work with clients using ATAA®.

Increasingly, people are discovering they are autistic in adulthood. These people have often gone through life undiagnosed, or misdiagnosed, particularly in the case of women. As our knowledge of autism grows, adults who have experienced issues are now learning that those difficulties may be due to being autistic. These are adults who would qualify for a diagnosis of Level 1 Autism, and whose needs are not met by current support systems of therapeutic provision. Many therapists misunderstand the needs of this group and either try to manage with their existing skill set, or focus too much on "autism symptoms" whilst failing to address the complexity of their adult autistic clients. Whatever your therapeutic background, ATAA® teaches you to communicate clearly and effectively with your autistic clients whilst helping them overcome whatever obstacles have been holding them back. 

For answers to some of the most commonly asked questions, click here.

Please enrol below or choose our online, self-paced option here.

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Course information

For Course Module Details Click Here.

You can choose to attend our LIVE zoom workshop or work at your own pace with our ONLINE option.

Online Self-paced Format

You can study ATAA® from anywhere in the world and at a pace which suits you. You will have access to an online portal for twelve months with written information, client resources, videos and PowerPoints. Start your online course today.

Module Detail

ATAA® covers what it means to be autistic, from the perspective of adult autistic people. It explores how to communicate effectively with this client group and how to ensure sensory and emotional needs are considered during sessions. It shows how adaptations to your existing therapeutic approach can meet the needs of autistic adults in a way that has rarely been possible. For full details of course modules, click here.

Extensive Client Resources

Your course includes client resources including client intake forms, educational resources and emotional management tools. You are provided with everything you need to work effectively with your clients.

PowerPoints and Videos

In addition to your written course handbook, PowerPoints and videos guide you through how to work effectively with your autistic adult clients

Downloadable Material

Your course handbook and client resources are downloadable so that you can use them with your clients indefinitely

Community of ATAA® Therapists

Stay in touch with other ATAA® therapists and share best practice for working with adult autistic clients

Join our Database of ATAA® Practitioners

As part of this exciting new development, once you have completed the course, you will have the opportunity to be listed as an ATAA® Practitioner so that clients can search for you according to their locality or need.


In order to receive your Certificate, call yourself an ATAA® Practitioner and use the ATAA® logo and promotional materials, you are required to work through the course materials including watching all course videos. Following this you will receive your certificate.

For answers to some of the questions you might have, click here

To enrol in your online, self-paced option click here.

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