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Course modules: Welcome

Welcome & Introduction

Welcome and introduction
Who is this course intended for?
Accessing course materials
About the author
A note on terminology
Learning outcomes

What is Level 1 Autism?

What is life like for someone with Level 1 Autism?
Autistic traits
From linear model to pie chart model
Late diagnosis
Women's autism
DSM-5 criteria

Is my Client Autistic?

Signs that may indicate autism
How to direct a potentially autistic client
Screening tests

Adult Autistic People's Therapeutic Needs

Mental health issues
Friendship needs
Relationship issues
Workplace issues
Making sense of the past
Autistic strengths

Limitations of Therapeutic Modalities

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Person-centred therapy
Psychodynamic therapy
Solution-focused therapy

Communicating Effectively With Autistic Clients

Creating rapport
Session structure and context
Metaphors and literal language
Issues with verbal communication
Misunderstanding vagueness and the "big picture"
Misreading the therapist's cues 
Misreading the client's cues
Client cognitive flexibility and communication
Asking for assistance
Sustaining conversation & pacing sessions
Expressing emotions
Discussing interests

Practical Therapeutic Needs

Sensory processing
Pacing sessions

ATAA® Protocol

Emotional regulation
Identifying skills and abilities
Adapting goals and solutions
ATAA Case studies

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Course modules: List


Autism Therapy Training Resources

You'll have access to an extensive range of resources specifically designed for the needs of clients with Level 1 Autism. From intake forms, to emotions wheels for autistic clients, to educational handouts, you'll have everything you need to start working effectively with your autistic clients. Once qualified at an ATAA® Practitioner, you can use the ATAA® logo on your website and promotional materials.

Course modules: About
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